Relation Between Detox Teas And Weight Loss

Dovie Salais

In the recent time, Detox has taken the field of health and nutrition by storm. But if you are new to this term, then this article is just for you. Every day, our bodies and skin are exposed to different toxins. So, it is important to prevent the after-effects of pollution, poor diet, and cosmetic products. And detoxing is nothing but cleansing the body with an overload of toxins and then bolstering the body with some vital nutrients. Among all the methods of detoxing, detox teas are one of the most popular ones. The best detox teas to lose weight are linked directly to healthy weight-management, nourished skin, and clearer kidneys.


Few things about detox teas:

Detox teas, also known as flat tummy teas or teatox, are recipes that contain boiling water steeped in some plant materials or herbs like roots. These teas promote flushing the toxins out of the body or detoxing the system. Although detox teas are available in many variations, some of these are most popular. These variants are packed with some healthy ingredients like mate leaves, Chinese oolong tea, ginger, peppermint, and lemongrass. These ingredients work as laxatives and therefore help in quick weight loss. But physicians recommend that apart from staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and detox tea, one should also maintain a healthy weight, perform regular exercise to lose weight effectively.

Here are some effective components of detox tea that can make your weight loss goal successful.

  1. Ginger: This ingredient reduces fatigue by enhancing blood circulation in the body while decreasing blood sugar levels.
  2. Turmeric: It increases energy, boosts mood, and it also comes with some strong anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. Sencha Green Tea: This detox tea boosts energy, helps in weight loss, and stimulates cognitive activities.
  4. Dandelion leaf: It helps to fight inflammation and this way it helps to lose weight
  5. Cardamom: Being a gentle natural diuretic and rich in antioxidants, this ingredient helps in absorption.
  6. Lemongrass: With the help of some antioxidant properties, this ingredient offers relief from bloating.
  7. Yerba Mate: Being high in nutrients and antioxidants, this component can boost mental focus and energy.
  8. Lemon Peel: It benefits the overall immune system while promoting digestive health.
  9. Burdock root: This ingredient of the best detox teas to lose weight comes with some powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce water retention in the body.
  10. Safflower: It lowers cholesterol levels while reducing heart disease.

Why go for detox tea?

Detox tea is used for years for facilitating digestion. Besides, it also promotes heart health, helps to heal wounds, improve digestion, stabilize blood sugar, and boost mental function. And this tea also has a strong scientific grounding with many studies that prove that the best detox teas to lose weight includes antioxidants and other important substances, which lowers the cholesterol level in the body and prevents diseases like heart disease, cancer, gum disease, diabetes, and viral and bacterial infections. Some detox teas also help to calm down the nervous system by decreasing the stress hormone levels namely epinephrine and Cortisol.

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